All The Small Things

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I have to admit that I’ve been slacking on the article front recently and the main reason is that I sometimes feel a bit daunted by the prospect of writing one of my long, well researched pieces – in the past there have been posts that have taken me up to 4 days to research and write with many taking at least 2 days.

I have come to realise that my feelings towards big, complex topics is similar to many peoples’ feelings towards big, bold changes towards a more sustainable life. They can be a bit daunting and they do take time which is why they often get overlooked; they may be thought of as great ideals to have but in reality time is against us.

So this whole thought process brought me back to where I wanted to be in the first place – one of the main aims of Green Steve was to not only tackle the big issues but to also give simple, easy to action advice for those wanting to make a difference but who don’t have the time (and often the money) to go for the big changes right now.

A Journey Of 1000 Miles Begins With Just One Step

The above proverb by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu is one that I’d start to like applying a bit more to this blog and to my sustainable goals. I’ll admit that I can be a little impatient at times and this is not a great quality when it comes to writing blog posts; when an article starts to balloon into something far bigger than I intended, I can get a little bit frustrated. By remembering that a journey is made up of many steps, I can try and look at each post as a step and maybe start to make them a little smaller at times.

This has the added benefit of them being easier to digest for you the readers; I know how it can be when you reach a page and see a long, detailed article and all you wanted was a little titbit of information that you can action right away or a small motivational piece that gets you going.

It’s similar to the Japanese principle of Kaizen that I mentioned in my post about running a greener business, which describes a process of continuous improvement by making small incremental changes on a regular basis.

At times I’ll probably treat this blog using the Kaizen approach so get ready for more posts in the future that will be concise and easy to read and that focus in on a very specific topic. This doesn’t mean that I won’t do some monster posts such as the one on green banking and it’s true that these are some of the most visited pages on Green Steve but I’ll intersperse them with shorter articles that I hope you can take something from nonetheless.

Starting as I mean to go on, I’ll end this post at just 500 words or so because I’ve got a lot to cover in the coming weeks and I want to start planning!

Steve (152 Posts)

I am chief writer and editor on Green Steve. Blogging since 2011, I like to delve into a wide number of topics to help people reduce their carbon footprint. You should follow me on Twitter here. And add me to your Google+ circles here.

3 Responses to “All The Small Things”

  1. August 1, 2012 at 3:10 PM

    It’s great that you’re finding balance in the kinds of posts you’re creating. I have the same issue with starting a post that suddenly has taken up 2-3 hours to write. Typically, my posts are experience-based (but even then they can take hours to get right), but occasionally, they are research-based and that does take time. I’ve found that shorter blogs in between the longer ones can be really rewarding, accessible, and well-received by others. It also forces us to be concise and engage people with only a few really well written thoughts and makes us think about what about those topics is truly necessary to getting a point across. I look forward to reading your shorter posts–as well as your longer ones! Keep up the great work.

    • Steve
      August 1, 2012 at 3:26 PM

      I agree Green Gal, I think the key to the short posts is going to be more about the things that happen to me on a day to day basis and my commentary on them whereas the longer posts will be the more meaty subjects where research is required and hopefully finding this balance will reinvigorate me and get me back to the regular posting I used to do.

  2. Ian Pleasants
    August 30, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    Readers of blogs and sites very often respond more positively to a short post anyway. The pace of modern life and the sheer information overload we are all exposed to mean that I for one sometimes find myself abandoning long, detailed posts even though I find them interesting. I guess all writers can get so engrossed in the subject that we forget sometimes to break the topic up into digestible parts. Having said that, I generally find the mix of your posts are about right anyway, so keep up the good work – but I agree that shorter, pithier posts are not a problem for the reader. As always, the point being made is key.

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