New Power Station to Run On Landfill-Bound Waste

Lostock waste to energy plant design

A disused coal-fired power station in Cheshire has received government approval to reopen as an energy-from-waste plant. The Department of Energy and Climate Change released the news that a year long inquiry has concluded in favour of plans for the £250m construction at the site at Lostock, Northwich being given the green light.

The plant, which will have a 60MW capacity, has caused some concerns regarding potential health risks and there has also been opposition from those concerned about the effect on local traffic, the environment, and the aesthetics of the structure. This led to a full public inquiry being launched last year in the wake of a formal objection made against the application for the site from Cheshire West and Chester council.

Following the announcement a DECC spokesperson said of the site:

It is essential we have a balanced energy mix in the future to provide low cost, efficient energy to households and businesses. This plant takes waste and turns it into something of great value – enough power to supply 80,000 homes – and in addition creates jobs for the local community.

The waste processed at the site will already have had all viably recyclable materials removed from it and the plant should be able to deal with 600,000 tonnes of waste derived fuel each year.

Martin Ashcroft, managing director of Tata Chemicals Europe, who are backing the plant, said that:

As an energy intensive business, we are faced with ever-rising gas prices which are increasingly difficult to absorb, The new plant will give us fuel price stability which will allow us to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to plan our long-term future.

Construction should begin next year with the plant being operational towards the end of 2016, when it will handle fuel made up of municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste and solid recovered waste, as well a certain quantity of biomass.

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