Earthlust Water Bottles Make Great Eco Gifts

Earthlust water bottles

Bottled water (the plastic kind) – it’s so bland and boring to look at, so completely avoidable and so incredibly damaging to the planet but an Earthlust water bottle can be your own personal solution to the problems associated with those darn plastic jobbies.

At 160g of CO2e per 500ml plastic bottle, if you buy just one a day then that’s 58.4kg CO2e per year but the real cost isn’t in the greenhouse gas emissions but in the plastic that ends up in landfill (granted some people try to recycle but for every person who does, there is another who doesn’t).

Earthlust water bottles are stainless steel in their construction and are completely unlined and reusable. They have BPA-free, polypropylene caps and are painted with non-toxic paints. They all feature a carabineer (metal loop to you and I) to easily attach them to bags or belt loops.

The best thing about Earthlust bottles is the fantastic designs they have painted on them, many of which are inspired by nature with birds, plants and fish among other patterns.

Earthlust watter bottles can be purchased at Ethical Superstore which is listed in the Green Steve Shop. For every £1 spent, you will offset 4.8kg of CO2e from your carbon footprint. Sign up for your account now.

They come in 3 sizes – 1l, 0.6l and 0.4l for different members of the family and different occasions; a good litre bottle is essential for a bit of hill walking while a 0.4l bottle is ideal for kids’ school lunches.

The shape of an Earthlust bottle is generally a bit more slimline than the alternatives on the market which gives them a unique feel and they are often more suitable in certain circumstances. Cyclists, for instance, find the traditional aluminium water bottles a bit too big for the holders on their bikes while kids will find it easier to grip an Earthlust bottle with their smaller hands.

Earthlust is an independent American company which has been granted the Green America Seal of Approval – a standard which is worth taking note of. Their factory in China is monitored closely to ensure best practice is adhered to with regards to ethical employment and treatment of workers and the environmental impact of production.

Buy your Earthlust bottles via the Green Steve Shop and Ethical Superstore and you’ll be doing even more good for the environment. Register now.

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