UK Companies in Favour of Decarbonisation Says Davey

Ed Davey MP

Energy and climate secretary, Ed Davey, has claimed that the “vast majority” of the UK’s companies would welcome targets set by the government for the decarbonisation of the electricity sector, with only “one or two” organisation’s being opposed to such a measure.

Davey’s statement came during a session of questioning on the subject of the as yet un-finalised energy bill. Presently the bill does not include a decarbonisation target, though voices across all three of the major political parties have spoken in favour of incorporating such a target into the legislation.

The Committee for Climate Change, who act as statutory advisers, want to see the electricity sector producing no more than 50g of CO2 per kWh of power generated by 2030, however the Government insists that no targets can be set until the next parliament. Some senior figures even want to secure a position where current aims for carbon consumption can be revised upward. George Osborne in particular has been vocal in proposing that the nation’s UK carbon budget be reviewed in 2014 and it formed a key part of his Autumn statement.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is known to be sceptical of any move that may lead to short term increases in energy bills, a trait Davey may have been referring to when he told the Globe International Group, who are seeking to implement climate change legislation around the world, that he’s been “helped immeasurably” by The Climate Change Act. (The act forces governments to take a longer term view of environmental issues by ensuring carbon budgets are set at least ten years in advance.)

Lord Deben, chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, also made a point of praising the act at Osborne’s expense saying:

Chancellors like to control everything. The breakthrough in Britain was the Climate Change Act.

Davey went on to point out that decarbonisation targets would serve consumers in the long term as investment in renewables could provide protection from the volatility of international fuel markets in future.

Green Steve’s Reaction

If the Chancellor and other senior conservatives really believe that we should loosen our carbon targets then it is the job of the major UK companies along with pressure groups, charities and the public to set them straight.

I welcome the news that most companies are in favour of decarbonising the electricity sector but we need it in writing rather than just a speech even if that speech is by the present Energy and Climate secretary.

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