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Ideologies: A Hindrance To Rationality?

ideology a hindrance to rationality

I was watching the press preview on Sky News last night as I often find myself doing and there were two journalists on the sofa having a right old barny over the benefits system (as…

Should Environmental Policy Be Separate From Government?

time for an independent environmental policy?

After reading Tony Juniper’s latest book on the economic benefits we get from nature (you can read my review here), one of the things that really struck a chord with me was how, in the…

Buying the Shop: Tribal Loyalties Relegate Science to a Triviality in the Climate Change Debate

tribal loyalties in relation to climate change debate

When you step back, forget whatever grounding you may have in the subject and approach it anew, it seems somewhat remarkable that there’s any debate whatsoever regarding climate change. Surely, as a scientific matter, there…

LDCs Open Door to Climate Change Agreement

greenhouse gas emissions

The world’s poorest countries are now prepared to commit themselves to tackling carbon emissions, opening up the possibility of world wide agreement on measures to slow down global warming. Until now the LDC (Least Developed…

Pickles Faces Backlash Over Energy Efficiency U-Turn

Eric Pickles

Eric Pickle’s decision to backtrack on proposed energy efficiency legislation could see his department face a judicial review. The Department of Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) ‘consequential improvement’ measures, which would have required that new…

I’m As Guilty As The Next Person


I often find myself getting irritated by the lack of care shown by most people when it comes to environmental issues but just yesterday I realised how I am just as bad in some ways….

Billionaires Attempt to Discredit Climate Change Science

anti climate change movement

American conservatives are using secretive funding channels to pump millions of dollars of their considerable personal wealth into groups working to cast doubt over the findings of the scientific community. Using two trusts, Donors Trust…

Obama Threatens Congress with Executive Actions to Combat Global Warming

Obama Threatens Congress with Executive Actions to Combat Global Warming

President Obama has used his State of the Union Address to emphasise the White House’s commitment to tackling climate change and transitioning the United States to a country less reliant on fossil fuels, regardless of…

Think Tank Finds Turning Away From Gas Will Boost Economy

UK gas power

According to the Cambridge Econometrics think tank, the UK would be £20bn better off in 2030 by focusing on offshore wind farms as a means of replacing aging power plants, as opposed to increasing gas…

Green Investment Bank Open for Business

Vince Cable Green Investment Bank

The government’s newly launched green investment bank (GIB) is aiming to raise £15bn of private investment in environmental initiatives by 2015. The money is to be spent on projects such as carbon capture and green…