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Bog Standard Loo Roll Hitting A Bum Note?

toilet paper

Toilet paper – it’s probably not too high up on most people’s list of considerations with regards to the environment but it is something that we take for granted in this modern world. It is…

Green Steve Is Sponsoring The Green & Ethical Christmas Fayre

Green & Ethical Christmas Fayre in Clapham

Saturday December 8th – put the date in your calendars boys and girls – the greenest of Christmas Fayres is coming to town. Returning for its second year, the Green & Ethical Christmas Fayre in…

The Shop Is Live & Carbon Offsetting Explained

Green Steve Shop Open

If you haven’t noticed already, the Green Steve Shop is now officially live in an early launch phase. This means that you are free to register for an account and start doing your Christmas shopping…

Unpredictable Weather Impacts on Food Prices

flooded farmland

A number of the UK’s leading supermarkets are facing shortages of certain fruits and vegetables following a summer of terrible growing conditions. Later harvests have left retailers under stocked and many have been forced to…

Green Steve Asks: Will You Try A Milk Alternative?

milk alternatives

Apart from on the odd bowl of cereal when I’ve been away from my own home, I haven’t bought cow’s milk since setting out to find a plant based, low carbon alternative back in January….

Is The Local Diet All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

locally grown food

I am writing this post as part of the Change the Week Wednesday challenge for the week beginning August 29th but I hope my research and opinions will remain evergreen for much longer as the…

Future Fantasy Fills Our Homes With Stuff

past, present, future

I posted a little while ago about the mountain of stuff that I had to get rid of when I moved flat but my interest doesn’t stop there. I am genuinely intrigued by psychology and…

Hemp – An Environmental Super Crop?

hemp and the environment

If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I stopped drinking cow’s milk and found a much lower carbon alternative in oat milk that is tasty and healthy. Well I’ve…

The Curse Of “Stuff” And What You Can Do About It

room full of clutter

So I have just completed the move into my new flat and despite a broken van wing mirror and heavy traffic it all went ok. The thing that shocked me during this move was just…

Ethical Dilemmas From The Reduced Aisle

Reduced Sticker

This is going to be quite a short post based upon my thoughts when I recently visited my local Tesco store. I was doing my shopping as usual but when I came to the reduced…