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Ground Source Heat Pumps: Who Are They For?

ground source heat pump

After being crowned their Ultimate Eco Blogger for 2012, I thought I’d ask the experts over at Find Energy Savings to contribute to the blog. They happily agreed and I asked them to give a…

Is It Really Good to Talk? – The Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones

environmental impact of mobile phones

The chances are you’ll have come across the three Rs -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- before. This trio of principles are all essential to cutting waste and, as a result, reducing our carbon footprints. However, whilst all…

Dastardly Drinks Pile On The Carbon

carbon footprint of drinks

I have talked briefly before about how some foods have high carbon footprints and I have covered the carbon footprint of tea and coffee on more than one occasion but do you know just how…

Bringing The Cuppa Paradox To Life

Bringing The Cuppa Paradox To Life

If you have been reading my blog for long enough, you might remember a post I did last year about how small savings in an individual’s carbon footprint can amount to huge amounts when considered…

7 Easy Ways To Curb Your Carbon Habit

carbon footprint

One of the more common reasons people give me for not reducing their carbon footprint is a lack of knowledge, especially in ways to cut down on their emissions with very little cost or effort….

Keeping Up With The Green Joneses

Keeping Up With The Green Joneses

I’ve just got a few thoughts to share with you today about whether the very visual impact of a neighbour doing some good for the environment is enough to encourage others to do the same….

The Worms Are Dead – Long Live The Worms


If you’ve been following my journey for any length of time, you’ll know that back at the end of January I bought myself a wormery in which I have been putting much of my organic…

Green Steve Goes Blue To Save Water In The Home

Save Water

I have to admit that I have water on the brain right now after receiving a rather extortionate bill through the post from Thames Water. I live alone but for reasons unbeknown to me, Thames…

Food Miles: Fun Facts Or Frivolous Falsities?

Food Miles

One of the things that I’m attempting to do as part of my support of Climate Week is to eat a diet that is low carbon and thus more sustainable in the long run. I…

Dreamland Intelliheat – Warm Bed, Happy Wallet

warm, cosy bed

February finally brought the big chill after an otherwise mild winter, relatively speaking, and even though temperatures have only occasionally crept below zero in central London, the cold can still bite in my drafty, poorly…