Sponsored Video: Are 3-Wheel EVs The Answer To Urban Gridlock?

Sponsored Video: Are 3-Wheel

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Focus On Saving Energy Instead Of Generating It

Focus On Saving Energy

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Win A JORD Wooden Watch (Warning Attached)

Win A JORD Wooden

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I’m A Quorn Convert (Well Almost)

I’m A Quorn Convert

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7 Green Startup Ideas for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

7 Green Startup Ideas

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Ideologies: A Hindrance To Rationality?

Ideologies: A Hindrance To

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Give Your Garden Back To Wildlife

Give Your Garden Back

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Beeny Urges Households To Switch To LED

Beeny Urges Households To Switch To LED

You’ve got to love the Beeny, not only is she the straight-talking presenter of numerous Channel 4 property shows, saviour of a historical building (Rise Hall) and all-round nice person, now she has turned her…

6 Green Tips You Can Do With Kids

green cooking with kids

On this blog I have generally focused on changes you can make to yours and your family’s lifestyle to bring it more into line with sustainability and preventing runaway climate change but today I want…

When Will We Have Our Collective Lightbulb Moment? (If Ever)

When Will We Have Our Collective Lightbulb Moment?

Politicians listen to voters (supposedly) and companies listen to customers (via spending habits at least) so wouldn’t you say that it is us regular folks who will be the driving force behind a concerted effort…

Water Saving Shower Heads Compared

Water Saving Shower Heads Compared

Since moving to my latest flat a couple of months ago I have been able to fully test the 2 eco shower heads that I have been given (my old flat had an electric shower…

Follow The Frog For Forest Friendly Foods & Drinks

Follow The Frog

If you’ve been following my blog for any time then you’ll probably know that I like to show people simple actions that they can take to both reduce their carbon footprint and prevent the destruction…

We Suck At Home Energy Efficiency

House Energy Efficiency

I don’t know about you but I’ve had to get some of my winter clothes out of their “hibernation” because of this rather shitty weather we’re experiencing now and all hope of an Indian summer…

Zero Waste Week 2013 Is Here

zero waste week 2013

Setting yourself a challenge is a good way to shake off any bad habits or complacency that have snuck quietly into your life and for the 6th year running, green queen Rachelle Strauss (who I…

Sun = Good & Other Solar Power Ramblings

solar panels on roof

Well now, what have we here then – the UK experiencing it’s sunniest and hottest spell of weather in many a year? That’s got to be worth celebrating hasn’t it? Pimms o’clock anyone? It’s got…

Plenty Of Positive People Protecting The Planet

protecting the planet

I must have accidentally hit the alliteration button on my keyboard with that post title but anyway, on with the show… On Thursday night I was fortunate enough to attend the Observer Ethical Awards (sponsored…

Should Environmental Policy Be Separate From Government?

time for an independent environmental policy?

After reading Tony Juniper’s latest book on the economic benefits we get from nature (you can read my review here), one of the things that really struck a chord with me was how, in the…

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Air Pollution Brings Down Life Expectancy In North China

Research has revealed a five and a half year disparity between the life expectancies of those li[...]

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Discovery of ‘Missing Heat’ Confirms That Climate Change is Accelerating

A recent study by Balmaseda, Trenberth, and Källén has shown that, despite claims to the contrar[...]

New Budget Sets Up ‘Dash for Gas’

George Osborne's budget, announced on Wednesday, has confirmed the government's commitment to sh[...]

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We all use toilet paper on a daily basis, and while there are still few more environmentally-fri[...]

Longevity? It’s A Hearts And Minds Thing

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I'm not an eco-preacher and I do think in some sectors of manufacture, for example where hygiene i[...]

Improve Your CSR and Improve Your Profits

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Being eco-friendly doesn't have to be counterproductive to running a successful business. It can[...]

7 Reasons We Need Paper More Than Ever

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Every week of every month for the last decade, writers in publications scattered all over the wo[...]

What Everybody Ought To Know About Cloth Nappies

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"Cloth nappies....what?" "Eeuuuuu....Really?" "Don't you have to boil them?" "How much?[...]

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