Focus On Saving Energy Instead Of Generating It

Focus On Saving Energy Instead Of Generating It

التداول الفوري للاسهم الاماراتية Governments have relatively small budgets for tackling climate change and ...

Win A JORD Wooden Watch (Warning Attached)

Win A JORD Wooden Watch (Warning Attached)

recommended you read Throwaway fashion is something that I try to avoid as ...

I’m A Quorn Convert (Well Almost)

I’m A Quorn Convert (Well Almost)

my latest blog post I'm a meat lover and I don't hide this fact; ...

7 Green Startup Ideas for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

7 Green Startup Ideas for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

افضل برنامج لتعلم الاسهم Every day an entrepreneur somewhere in the world will attempt ...

Give Your Garden Back To Wildlife

Give Your Garden Back To Wildlife

If you're reading this then you've no doubt heard about ...

Sponsored Video: Are 3-Wheel EVs The Answer To Urban Gridlock?

Sponsored Video: Are 3-Wheel

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Focus On Saving Energy Instead Of Generating It

Focus On Saving Energy

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Win A JORD Wooden Watch (Warning Attached)

Win A JORD Wooden

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I’m A Quorn Convert (Well Almost)

I’m A Quorn Convert

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7 Green Startup Ideas for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

7 Green Startup Ideas

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Ideologies: A Hindrance To Rationality?

Ideologies: A Hindrance To

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Give Your Garden Back To Wildlife

Give Your Garden Back

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[Book Review] – What Has Nature Ever Done For Us by Tony Juniper

what has nature ever done for us?

I don’t read too many books but when I saw a piece on the Guardian website by environmental campaigner and author Tony Juniper talking about the economic benefits we receive from nature, my interest was…

Crosskase Solar Backpack Review

Crosskase Solar Backpack Review

I’m a big fan of solar panels and solar energy in general so when the guys at Crosskase came knocking to see if I’d like to try their solar backpack out I was curious enough…

Q&A With Ian Tennant From Greeniversity


So I recently spoke to Ian Tennant, who is the development co-ordinator for Greeniversity, a sustainable skills sharing scheme which is being rolled out across the country. I wanted to find out more about Greeniversity,…

Green Living & The Meaning Of Life

meaning of life

I realise that the title of this post is a bit grandiose but it is designed to capture the attention of the oh-so busy modern man. Now I’m no philosophical revolutionary but I do read…

Does A Lack Of Scientific Understanding Lead To Climate Apathy?


Have you ever sat in a science class simply wishing you were somewhere else because what the teacher was saying just didn’t make sense to you? Yes? Good, I was hoping you’d say that because…

New Peugeot Hybrid Technology Puts The Wind Up Competitors

Air Hybrid

French car make Peugeot has unveiled plans to mass produce a car that uses compressed gas as a hybrid fuel source in a move that is likely to concern existing battery-based hybrid manufacturers such as…

Global Warming, Weather Extremes & Being Prepared

extreme weather

As I woke up to the Five Live breakfast show this morning I was treated to a bit of climate change debate – something that I wasn’t expecting but that switched my brain on far…

Bring Plastic Recycling Back To The UK

plastic recycling UK

Plastic is a material that pervades our lives more than almost any other; it’s found throughout our homes, in our cars, wrapped around the food that we eat and the liquids we drink. Even as…

Stop Short-termism On Water Usage

water being wasted

While the ground may still be sodden after the rain in 2012, it is important not to let ourselves think that we don’t need to conserve water in this country because just a year ago…

I’m As Guilty As The Next Person


I often find myself getting irritated by the lack of care shown by most people when it comes to environmental issues but just yesterday I realised how I am just as bad in some ways….

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