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The Negative Carbon Diet To The Rescue?

negative carbon diet

For a while now I have been digesting the idea of a negative carbon diet and whether it is even possible and recently I’ve come across my answer. But before I reveal all, let me…

How Much Is 100kg Of CO2?


So when you are shopping via the Green Steve Shop, you may be wondering how much CO2 you are actually saving. I mean, most people can’t put a figure to their carbon footprint so me…

The Shop Is Live & Carbon Offsetting Explained

Green Steve Shop Open

If you haven’t noticed already, the Green Steve Shop is now officially live in an early launch phase. This means that you are free to register for an account and start doing your Christmas shopping…

Green Steve Asks: Will You Try A Milk Alternative?

milk alternatives

Apart from on the odd bowl of cereal when I’ve been away from my own home, I haven’t bought cow’s milk since setting out to find a plant based, low carbon alternative back in January….

Green Steve Goes Veggie…Temporarily


This will probably come as quite a shock to those people who know me well but I am eating vegetarian meals for the whole of this working week to see just how easy it is…

Dastardly Drinks Pile On The Carbon

carbon footprint of drinks

I have talked briefly before about how some foods have high carbon footprints and I have covered the carbon footprint of tea and coffee on more than one occasion but do you know just how…

Bringing The Cuppa Paradox To Life

Bringing The Cuppa Paradox To Life

If you have been reading my blog for long enough, you might remember a post I did last year about how small savings in an individual’s carbon footprint can amount to huge amounts when considered…

7 Easy Ways To Curb Your Carbon Habit

carbon footprint

One of the more common reasons people give me for not reducing their carbon footprint is a lack of knowledge, especially in ways to cut down on their emissions with very little cost or effort….

Food Miles: Fun Facts Or Frivolous Falsities?

Food Miles

One of the things that I’m attempting to do as part of my support of Climate Week is to eat a diet that is low carbon and thus more sustainable in the long run. I…

Got Oats? Green Steve Chooses His Milk Alternative

Golden Oats

A couple of weeks ago I set out on a mission to find an alternative to cow’s milk that will enable me to reduce my carbon footprint by up to 145kg per year without compromising…