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New Budget Sets Up ‘Dash for Gas’


George Osborne’s budget, announced on Wednesday, has confirmed the government’s commitment to shale gas, with the chancellor claiming: “Shale gas is part of the future. And we will make it happen.” A number of benefits…

Adding Mineral Olivine to Oceans Could Reduce Emission Levels by 10%

Ocean Geoengineering

A study led by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research has suggested that adding of mineral dust to the ocean as a means of carbon sequestration could help combat global warming. But…

The Negative Carbon Diet To The Rescue?

negative carbon diet

For a while now I have been digesting the idea of a negative carbon diet and whether it is even possible and recently I’ve come across my answer. But before I reveal all, let me…

UK Companies in Favour of Decarbonisation Says Davey

Ed Davey MP

Energy and climate secretary, Ed Davey, has claimed that the “vast majority” of the UK’s companies would welcome targets set by the government for the decarbonisation of the electricity sector, with only “one or two”…

How Much Is 100kg Of CO2?


So when you are shopping via the Green Steve Shop, you may be wondering how much CO2 you are actually saving. I mean, most people can’t put a figure to their carbon footprint so me…

CO2 Levels Higher Than Ever in 2011

CO2 levels

According to the World Meteorological Organization, levels of CO2 in the atmosphere rose to record levels in 2011. The greenhouse gas is now 40% more abundant than in 1750, making up 390.9 parts per million…

Is Overpopulation Really Worth Focusing On?


For quite some time now I’ve wanted to write a post about population and the many concerns that people have about how a rising one will impact the environment but I’m also conscious of the…

More CCS Projects Needed to Check Global Warming

carbon capture and storage

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute issued a report on Wednesday urging governments to pass policies reflecting a much stronger commitment to the future of CCS. The group believes that unless a hundred carbon…

Green Steve Asks: Will You Try A Milk Alternative?

milk alternatives

Apart from on the odd bowl of cereal when I’ve been away from my own home, I haven’t bought cow’s milk since setting out to find a plant based, low carbon alternative back in January….

The DoNation Tackles Emissions One Challenge At A Time

The DoNation Logo

While I was exploring Twitter the other day I came across a company that I was immediately keen on because they combined two of my favourite things: cutting greenhouse gas emissions and charitable giving. Cleverly…