How Much Is 100kg Of CO2?


So when you are shopping via the Green Steve Shop, you may be wondering how much CO2 you are actually saving. I mean, most people can’t put a figure to their carbon footprint so me telling you that you are offsetting 100kg of CO2 equivalent probably doesn’t mean much.

This article gives you some examples that are a little bit more tangible and that you can relate back to the amount you have offset.


All figures below relate to roughly 100kg of CO2 equivalent:

Driving 300 miles in an average car – that’s a round trip from London to Cardiff. carbon footprint of driving
1408 average cups of tea (with milk, boiling double the water you need) – so if you sink 5 cups a day, 7 days a week then it’s around 10 months worth. carbon foorprint of tea
333 pints of locally brewed cask ale at the pub or 200 pints of foreign beer in the same pub – that’s many very enjoyable nights down the pub. carbon footprint of beer
20 hours in an average electric shower – 200 days worth if you spend an average of 6 minutes per shower. carbon footprint of electric showers
1250 bananas – that is 1 banana a day for 3 years and 155 days. carbon footprint of bananas
125 pints of semi-skimmed milk – how many bowls of cereal could you get out of that? carbon footprint of milk
143kg of typical rubbish going to landfill or being incinerated – that’s about 5 months worth for the average person in the UK. carbon footprint of rubbish
96 bottles of wine – you’d have to have a wine cellar for that many bottles! carbon footprint of wine
40 quarter pounder cheeseburgers – not to mention the pounds you’d pile on if you ate this many. carbon footprint of cheeseburgers
Leaving a 60w bulb on for 161 days or leaving a 6.4w led bulb running for 1514 days – that’s over 4 years. carbon footprint of leaving the lights on
Over 8kg of hard cheese – I don’t even want to think how long it would take me to eat this much cheese! carbon footprint of cheese
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