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JORD wooden watch

Throwaway fashion is something that I try to avoid as much as possible and recently I’ve started to try and find ways to prolong the life of my current batch of clothes. I plan to patch up a hole in a pair of jeans that is well over 10 years old and I’m still wearing a pair of shoes with holes in both soles (when it’s dry that is) until they actually fall apart on me.

I haven’t worn a watch in quite a few years now but I am fully aware of just how throwaway they can be. When watches first came about, they were expensive items that only the genteel classes would be able to afford. While I am glad that this is no longer the case, I do worry about the sheer number of watches that people get through.

Because of their affordability, we seem to have forgotten how to look after a watch and make it last for a decent chunk of our lifetime (if not our entire lifetime). Like with most things, people see few issues in throwing an old watch in the bin just because they fancy a change.

What’s worrying is that these watches contain things such as plastic that will take thousands of years to biodegrade (among other problems) and metal that requires lots of energy to extract, process and mould into shape. Then there are the quartz movements in some pieces and the batteries full of hazardous chemicals to think about.

So when JORD approached me and asked if I’d like to take a look at one of their wooden watches, I was intrigued enough to agree. Days later, my watch arrived after being air-freighted across from the States (not ideal for your carbon footprint but we’ll overlook that for now).

It came in a nice little presentation box on a small pillow (click to enlarge the photos):

It has the JORD logo on the back of the watch and a double fastening (made from metal) that is invisible when it’s done up:

To be honest, you’d be better of checking out their professional photos of the watch as I’m no David Bailey.

It’s comfortable to wear and much lighter than most other watches, especially those made primarily from metal. This particular design is fairly unisex and would suit anybody although they do have more feminine and masculine watches in their range. I have to say that this watch, along with the rest in the range, do very well on the looks front.

As for materials, JORD claim to only use wood from sustainable sources although it is quite hard to verify this. There is some metal in each watch but it’s kept to a minimum and the only glass is the scratchproof disc over the face.

What I’d really like to see from JORD is a complete environmental audit of their watches including the exact source of the woods they use, the environmental impact of transporting the watches around the world (both pre and post sale) and the energy required to extract/create the metal and glass components.

For a company that works with wood, I’d also like to see them do something similar to shoe brand Etnies who plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold (certain styles at least) which amounted to 170,000 trees in the first two years. Maybe JORD could plant a tree for every watch sold.

So Should You Buy A JORD Wooden Watch?

No…and yes.

As with other reviews I have done, the most important thing of all is whether or not you will actually use the thing. If you already have a perfectly suitable watch that works, I wouldn’t advise buying another one, even if it is made of wood.

Also, don’t buy one as a gift without asking that person whether they want or, indeed, need it. It might seem like a great choice for an environmentally conscious friend or family member but if it’s just going to sit in a drawer for occasional use, I just wouldn’t bother.

You could buy one of these watches if: you don’t own a watch but would like to wear one, your current watch is falling to pieces or has broken beyond repair, or you intend to wear it most days.

I can’t stress this enough – even a watch has an impact on the environment, particularly when you consider the millions that get sold each year. Don’t add to this impact by buying one of these unless it is going to be used.

Now For The Fun Part

JORD have agreed to give one lucky reader the chance to win a watch identical to the one they sent me. And what’s more, because I do not wear a watch, I am giving away my one too.

So you have 2 chances to win a JORD Fieldcrest watch in black.

There are multiple ways to enter and you get additional entries for each thing you complete. You can:

  • follow me on Twitter
  • follow JORD on Twitter
  • tweeting a message
  • like my page on Facebook
  • like JORD on Facebook
  • follow JORD on Instagram

BUT before you enter, think carefully about whether or not you will actually use the watch should you win one. While it can be exciting to win a competition, please don’t enter unless you genuinely see yourself, or someone you know, wearing it.

Good luck!

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