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worms for my wormery

No, not the serious medical condition but as I said I’d do in my 2012 green New Year’s resolutions, I have bought myself a wormery so that I can cut down on the amount of food waste that I send to landfill.

It arrived yesterday and if all goes well, I should be able to put my food waste into it every single day in about 3 weeks time. For now the worms are getting settled in with a starter course of old rice, beans, veg scraps, breads and mushrooms. They won’t get fed again for another week and for the subsequent 2 weeks I have to slowly build up the amount I feed them.

I bought a “Midi” wormery from Original Organics and it seems really well built and came equipped with everything in one pack. It shouldn’t smell so I’ve got it sitting in my kitchen next to my bin so I don’t ever accidentally put waste food in the wrong place.

Here are a couple of photos of the wormery, inside and out:

My Wormery From Above

A Juicy Worm Inside The Wormery

Eventually (after about 10 weeks) I should be able to tap the liquid that accumulates after the worms have done their thing. This is a highly potent, nutrient-rich plant feed that can be diluted and used for flower beds and potted plants.

I’ll also be able to remove some of the very best compost you can get after about 8 months of continuous use. I don’t have a garden right now but I’m sure I can find family or friends to take it off my hands.

I found it fascinating to see the worms crawling around when I first put them in but they soon burrowed down away from the light so I put the lid on and left them to it. They should soon start breeding as and when the food supply is high enough and I can’t wait to see what happens to the colony months down the road.

I am going to continue taking photos on a regular basis and you might even see a video once in a while so I can show you more of what goes on inside my wormery. Worm TV – it’s the next big thing!

As a final benefit, with almost no food waste going into my bin, I should be able to reduce the number of times I have to put a bag out for collection. Until now, I have tended to put half full bags out just because of the smell but with little or no food rotting in the bin, I should be able to fill the bags up before I put them out meaning fewer bags sitting out on the roadside for city foxes and other pests.

What do you think of my wormery? Are you tempted to get one yourself? Let me know using the comments section below.

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