About Me

about GreenSteve

I’m just your average Joe, in fact this blog might as well be called GreenJoe because anyone can do what I am doing.

My journey starts with a story about rubbish and how the waste I saw on a daily basis changed my outlook.

Being aware of my environment is something I have always been good at BUT by this I mean I was aware of things that impacted me directly. I was not so good at seeing the bigger picture. I was not so good at seeing how the general environment, the one that six and a half billion people rely on, was changing and how everything is connected like a join the dots puzzle.

Skip forward to today and the changes that have happened in my life since I have grown up and become independent…

I’ve been fortunate in my life since university; I snapped up a job in the new media industry within days of my graduation and after two and a half years of employment I broke free to pursue my own internet adventures. Thanks to that move I am fairly stable financially and have been running my own business for the best part of three years.

I now live in the very heart of London in Covent Garden and it is here that my green story starts. Thanks to its many shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, the streets around my flat get their rubbish collected on a daily basis and after walking past piles of the stuff almost every day I realised something:

Most people do not see all the rubbish they generate as consumers. Most people only see what’s in their bin at home and not the waste that is generated on their behalf by companies.

I decided to find out more about my personal waste, my personal contribution to the carbon footprint of the UK and, more importantly, what I could do about it. I found that one of the easiest ways to neutralise your impact on the environment was to offset your carbon use. I found companies that provide such services and set myself a challenge to bring my carbon footprint down to ZERO by doing everything I could to reduce my waste and to then offset the remaining amount.

I started GreenSteve so that I could not only document all the lifestyle changes I make but also share with other people my experiences along the way.

But I also want my blog to be accessible and easy to understand as I think too much of what is talked and written about regarding the environment and global warming is technical and often conflicting. I will give my opinion on things and hopefully raise some interesting questions along the way.