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Nuclear: if it looks like a subsidy and smells like a subsidy then it’s probably a subsidy!

Hinkley nuclear power station

Well then – nuclear energy is back in the news as EDF and Chinese investors gear up to build a new power plant at Hinkley and with the government guaranteeing prices for up to 35…

World Vasectomy Day? I’m Still Not Convinced

World Vasectomy Day

Unless it is your birthday, the 18th October is hardly a significant date for the diary but for some men today could be a life changing experience for a whole different reason – because today…

Does A Lack Of Scientific Understanding Lead To Climate Apathy?


Have you ever sat in a science class simply wishing you were somewhere else because what the teacher was saying just didn’t make sense to you? Yes? Good, I was hoping you’d say that because…

Global Warming, Weather Extremes & Being Prepared

extreme weather

As I woke up to the Five Live breakfast show this morning I was treated to a bit of climate change debate – something that I wasn’t expecting but that switched my brain on far…

I’m As Guilty As The Next Person


I often find myself getting irritated by the lack of care shown by most people when it comes to environmental issues but just yesterday I realised how I am just as bad in some ways….

Green & Ethical Christmas Fayre Adventures

Green & Ethical Christmas Fayre Clapham

It was a cold and crisp morning when I arrived at the Holy Trinity Church on Clapham Common and I was a little apprehensive. You see, I was sponsoring the Green & Ethical Christmas Fayre…

Feeding The World – Future Foods & Efficiencies

future foods

As Band Aid rightly said, we need to Feed The World but as our climate changes and populations grow, how easy will it be to sufficiently feed everybody? We don’t even do a very good…

Green Steve Asks: Will You Try A Milk Alternative?

milk alternatives

Apart from on the odd bowl of cereal when I’ve been away from my own home, I haven’t bought cow’s milk since setting out to find a plant based, low carbon alternative back in January….

The DoNation Tackles Emissions One Challenge At A Time

The DoNation Logo

While I was exploring Twitter the other day I came across a company that I was immediately keen on because they combined two of my favourite things: cutting greenhouse gas emissions and charitable giving. Cleverly…

Cleaner Cookstoves Carry Considerable Benefits

cooking stove

If you are reading this, chances are that you have access to a basic oven at the very least in which you can cook food but you probably take for granted what other people have…