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Air Pollution Brings Down Life Expectancy In North China

air pollution in China

Research has revealed a five and a half year disparity between the life expectancies of those living in the south of China and north, with the latter living shorter lives thanks to higher levels of…

Dramatic Crash in Cavity Wall Insulations in the Wake of the Green Deal

cavity wall insultation

Since the launch of the government’s green deal initiative, installation of cavity wall insulation has fallen by 97%. Prior to the current scheme insulation could be fitted either for free, or with the aid of…

LDCs Open Door to Climate Change Agreement

greenhouse gas emissions

The world’s poorest countries are now prepared to commit themselves to tackling carbon emissions, opening up the possibility of world wide agreement on measures to slow down global warming. Until now the LDC (Least Developed…

Discovery of ‘Missing Heat’ Confirms That Climate Change is Accelerating

deep sea heat

A recent study by Balmaseda, Trenberth, and Källén has shown that, despite claims to the contrary, the last 15 years have seen an increase in global warming, with an unprecedented rise in the temperature of…

New Budget Sets Up ‘Dash for Gas’


George Osborne’s budget, announced on Wednesday, has confirmed the government’s commitment to shale gas, with the chancellor claiming: “Shale gas is part of the future. And we will make it happen.” A number of benefits…

UK Sees Rapid Rise in Recycling

recycling bins

The UK experienced the fastest rise in recycling rates over the course of the 00’s of any European nation, rising from 12% to 39% by the end of the decade according to statistics published yesterday….

Japan Converts Methane Hydrate into Natural Gas

natural gas bubbling up from the sea

Japan has become the first country to successfully extract natural gas from underwater sources of frozen methane hydrate, according to the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The breakthrough, made at a site 50 miles…

Pickles Faces Backlash Over Energy Efficiency U-Turn

Eric Pickles

Eric Pickle’s decision to backtrack on proposed energy efficiency legislation could see his department face a judicial review. The Department of Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) ‘consequential improvement’ measures, which would have required that new…

Food Giants Lacking Ethical Standards

corporate social responsibility

A report by Oxfam into the ethical standards of the world’s biggest food companies has found many leading brands to be severely wanting in a variety of areas, including their approach to land management, their…

Billionaires Attempt to Discredit Climate Change Science

anti climate change movement

American conservatives are using secretive funding channels to pump millions of dollars of their considerable personal wealth into groups working to cast doubt over the findings of the scientific community. Using two trusts, Donors Trust…