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9 Alternative Uses For Toilet Paper Tubes

toilet roll uses

We all use toilet paper on a daily basis, and while there are still few more environmentally-friendly alternatives to TP (recycled toilet paper has its advantages), there are ways to make better use of the…

UK Sees Rapid Rise in Recycling

recycling bins

The UK experienced the fastest rise in recycling rates over the course of the 00’s of any European nation, rising from 12% to 39% by the end of the decade according to statistics published yesterday….

Bring Plastic Recycling Back To The UK

plastic recycling UK

Plastic is a material that pervades our lives more than almost any other; it’s found throughout our homes, in our cars, wrapped around the food that we eat and the liquids we drink. Even as…

Coca-Cola Seeks Greater Home Recycling Rates Through Study

soft drink cans

Soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has announced that it is to begin a study into household recycling in a bid to lessen the amount of waste heading to landfill. It will look specifically into…

Recycling Nappies & Power Generating “Kites”

disposable nappies

Now and again I like to look out into the world of green technology and find instances of innovation that could one day become the norm. A couple of stories recently caught my eye and…

Recycled Market Brings Life To Old Junk

Cassette Lamp

I love it when people find interesting and innovative uses for old materials and there is an abundance of this on a new-ish international marketplace for recycled and upcycled items. Recycled Market allows sellers to…

Dealing With Recycling Apathy

Wastepaper Bin

I spend most of my working week in an office that I share with around 8 or 9 other people and despite having a green blogger in their midst, many seem fairly lax in their…

Reminiscing About Recycling

Confusion About Recycling

As I filled up my blue Westminster Council recycling bag the other day, I thought back to the days when I was but a child and recycling was a whole different ball game to what…